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    Opal Jewellery: "Insight and Physical Wellbeing"

    Throughout the ages, opal has been recognised as a rather special stone. Arabic legend has it that opal shot from the skies down to earth in lightning bolts. Ancient Greeks believed the stone would protect the wearers from any ailments and gave them foresight into the future. Other beliefs surrounding the stone include the ability to maintain life and to keep hair beautifully blonde. Types of opal can range from white and black to fire and triplet opal stones. Once used by the Aztecs in religious rituals, fire opal is a vibrant orange-red colour and serves as the national stone of Mexico. Opal is the symbolic birthstone for October.

    Step into the World of Gemstones and indulge yourself with a gorgeous opal pendant, earrings, ring, jewellery sets or charm in classic, vintage, contemporary, styles.